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Thermogravimetric analysis - Differential scanning calorimetry

Experimental underfeed combustor

CFD simulation of a commercial biomass boiler


CFD simulation of PCM materials for construction

Ash deposition analysis

CFD simulation of a water tank

Experimental batch combustor

Commercial oil burner

GTE - Energetic Technology Group

The Energetic Technology Group (GTE) is a team of researchers working around thermal processes. The group focuses on thermal engines, energy technology and biomass combustion, both experimental and simulation. The GTE research group was created by three professors of the University of Vigo. Currently, more than 25 members compose GTE. It is one of the research groups in the University of Vigo with more research productivity and knowledge transfer. Thanks to this, several awards were received.

The main target of the group is the consolidation of the research activity in the field of thermal and energy engineering and constitute ourselves as an academic and researcher reference in Spain contributing to the technical and scientific development of Galicia. The former research lines of the group are:

  • Biomass combustion
  • Simulation of thermal systems
  • Automotive heat exchangers
  • Marine engines
  • Use of phase change material (PCM) in construction projects and thermal storage systems
  • CFD Simulation in biomedics research
  • Distributed microgeneration (micro combined heat and power installations)
  • Development of systems to coordinate and communicate gaseous-species meters in confined spaces

Since the creation of the group, its members have been working in these lines and new researchers have been incorporated to the structure of the group. In the begining, the working tools were limited, but during this time, they have been developed and new ones have been incorporated. The use and development of these means leads us to face new research lines and offer new possibilities to knowledge transfer. The novel research lines that are being incorporated are:

  • Deposition mechanisms in biomass boilers
  • Technologies for the reduction of particulate matter emissions


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