Thermal properties

TGA is used to determine the mass loss due to decomposition of loss of volatile matter. Here the variation of mass depending on the temperature is determined. The FTIR is employed to identify the species emitted during the biomass (or other substance) decomposition. In the lab, the TGA is linked to the FTIR through a heated duct to analyse the gases emitted during the decomposition.



 Phase-change materials

The properties of PCM applied to construction of precast concrete panels are evaluated. To do this, some test buildings were assembled. These builds are located in the same place and their panels are made with different mixtures of concrete and PCM. The climate conditions and the thermal behaviour of the building interior is recorded and studied.


At the same time, CFD simulations are done to study the different phenomena that occurs inside the system. Moreover, this simulations improve the modelling of these materials by CFD tools, because the results can be validated with the experimental data acquired.





 Small-scale Trigeneration Plant

A single and compact machine. Easy to install and handle that solves the problems of domestic energy supply throughout the year. It can produce and supply heating, air conditioning and electricity. Also this machine can store thermal and electrical energy. The thermal engine can be shutted down and it works in a fully electrical mode isolated from the public electric supply.

Their efficiency, reliability and handling had been improved during several years.


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