The activity of the group is organized around its research lines and its research tools. Nowadays we have five strategic lines of research that are built on our capacities, our tools and our methods that have been developed since the group started its activity. These main lines are:

  • Biomass combustion
  • Simulation of thermal processes in the industry
  • Automotive heat exchangers
  • Marine Engines
  • Technologies for the reduction of particle matter emissions

We must add to these research lines the parallel activity that arises when the tools and methods developed are employed in the industry, which promotes the knowledge transfer. The research lines and the knowledge transfer activity are based on the following tools:

  • Experimental methods (boilers, analyzers, own test bench, data acquisition systems...)
  • Prototype development and pilot plants
  • Marine engines laboratory and test stand
  • TGA/DSC laboratory
  • CFD simulation (ANSYS-Fluent, Star-CCM+, GT-Power ...)
  • Own numerical models: C++, Matlab, ANSYS-Fluent UDF routines ...)

So the capabilities of the group could be sketched as shown:


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